Our Services

Our services: the distribution of medicaments.


This service is based in bringing over to our clients the products that he needs, taking the accessibility as a fundamental premise of all to the medicines.


Our portfolio of services allows to cover the needs of our clients, guaranteeing the fulfillment of his commitments.


One of the main purposes of Pharmacom is to achieve an ideal service of satisfaction in the distribution of medicaments. Our commitment is to achieve efficiency in distribution, finding a solution to every problem. For it, we rely on a human equipment that he studies constant the possible incidents that could arise to offer integral solutions.


We want to be a model for our clients as professional company, of confidence and that contribute always for  satisfactory solutions and of success.


The distribution of medications, from his manufacture up to his receipt on the part of the consumers, must ensure a few ideal conditions that should allow the arrival of the same ones in quality conditions. For it, our goal is the quality of the service and the continuous evaluation of our systems for a constant improvement that allows the increase of the productivity and an increase of advantages for our clients.